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2014 — Current Issues

Ecuador (No. 14) | Volume 8, Number 1

ARC Ecuador Issue Cover

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  • Rediscovery of Andinophryne olallai Hoogmoed, 1985 (Anura, Bufonidae), an enigmatic and endangered Andean toad. Ryan L. Lynch, Sebastian Kohn, Fernando Ayala-Varela, Paul S. Hamilton, Santiago R. Ron. Special Section: pages 1–7 (e75).
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  • A new Andean anole species of the Dactyloa clade (Squamata: Iguanidae) from western Ecuador. Fernando P. Ayala-Varela, Diana Troya-Rodríguez, Xiomara Talero-Rodríguez, Omar Torres-Carvajal. Special Section: pages 8–24 (e76).
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  • Reproduction and spawning behavior in the frog, Engystomops pustulatus (Shreve 1941). Santiago R. Ron, Andrea E. Narváez, Giovanna E. Romero. Special Section: pages 25–32 (e79).
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  • High prevalence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in an Andean frog community (Reserva Las Gralarias, Ecuador). Juan M. Guayasamin, Ángela María Mendoza, Ana V. Longo, Kelly R. Zamudio, Elisa Bonaccorso. Special Section: pages 33–44 (e81).
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  • Overview of the herpetofauna of the unexplored Cordillera del Cóndor of Ecuador. Ana Almendáriz, John E. Simmons, Jorge Brito, Jorge Vaca-Guerrero. Special Section: pages 45–64 (e82).
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  • Herpetofaunal community of a high canopy tank bromeliad (Aechmea zebrina) in the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve of Amazonian Ecuador, with comments on the use of “arboreal” in the herpetological literature. Shawn F. McCracken, Michael R. J. Forstner. Special Section: pages 65–75 (e83).
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  • A new species of Pholidobolus (Squamata: Gymnophthalmidae) from the Andes of southern Ecuador. Omar Torres-Carvajal, Pablo J. Venegas, Simón E. Lobos, Paola Mafla-Endara, Pedro M. Sales Nunes. Special Section: pages 76–88 (e84).
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  • Early development of the glass frogs Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni and Espadarana callistomma (Anura: Centrolenidae) from cleavage to tadpole hatching. María-José Salazar-Nicholls and Eugenia M. del Pino. Special Section: pages 89–106 (e88).
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  • A new species and country record of threadsnakes (Serpentes: Leptotyphlopidae: Epictinae) from northern Ecuador. David Salazar-Valenzuela, Angele Martins, Luis Amador-Oyola, Omar Torres-Carvajal. Special Section: pages 107–120 (e89).
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  • A survey for the Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus; Blanchard, 1871) in the Qinghai Province. Todd W. Pierson, YAN Fang, WANG Yunyu, Theodore Papenfuss. General Section: pages 1–6 (e74).
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  • The importance of enrichment for advancing amphibian welfare and conservation goals: A review of a neglected topic. Christopher J. Michaels, J. Roger Downie, Roisin Campbell-Palmer. General Section: pages 7–23 (e77).
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  • Caatinga Ethnoherpetology: Relationships between herpetofauna and people in a semiarid region of northeastern Brazil. Lívia Emanuelle Tavares Mendonça, Washington Luiz Silva Vieira, Rômulo Romeu Nóbrega Alves. General Section: pages 24–32 (e78).
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Colombia (No. 15) | Volume 8, Number 2

Deadline for all paper submissions in this issue: December 31, 2014

ARC Colombia Issue

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  • Conservation status of the herpetofauna, protected areas, and current problems in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Alejandro Valencia-Zuleta, Andrés Felipe Jaramillo-Martínez, Andrea Echeverry-Bocanegra, Ronald Viáfara-Vega, Oscar Hernández-Córdoba, Victoria E. Cardona-Botero, Jaime Gutiérrez-Zúñiga, Fernando Castro-Herrera. Special Section: pages 1–18; S1–S24 (e87).
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  • On Trimeresurus sumatranus (Raffles, 1822), with the designation of a neotype and the description of a new species of pitviper from Sumatra (Squamata: Viperidae: Crotalinae). Gernot Vogel, Patrick David, Irvan Sidik. General Section: pages 1–29 (e80).
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  • Field surveys in Western Panama indicate populations of Atelopus varius frogs are persisting in regions where Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis is now enzootic. Rachel Perez, Corinne L. Richards-Zawacki, Alexander R. Krohn, Matthew Robak, Edgardo J. Griffith, Heidi Ross, Brian Gratwicke, Roberto Ibáñez, Jamie Voyles. General Section: pages 30–35 (e85).
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  • Confirmation of introduced Louisiana pinesnakes, Pituophis ruthveni, in Florida based on molecular analyses. Kenneth L. Krysko, Dustin C. Smith, Michael R. Rochford, Guy N. Kieckhefer III, Leroy P. Nuñez. General Section: pages 36–43 (e86).
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2015 — Accepting Paper Proposals!

Peru (No. 16) | Volume 9, Number 1

Deadline for all paper submissions in this issue: April 1, 2015

ARC Peru Issue Cover

Africa (No. 17) | Volume 9, Number 2

Deadline for all paper submissions in this issue: October 31, 2015

ARC Africa Issue Cover


(No. 18) | Volume 10, Number 1

(No. 19) | Volume 10, Number 2