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Venezuela and Peru (No. 18) | Volume 10, Number 1

ARC Venezuela-Peru Issue Cover

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  • Confirming the presence of Clelia equatoriana Amaral, 1924 (Squamata: Dipsadidae) in Peru. Juan C. Chávez-Arribasplata, Diego Vásquez, Claudia Torres, Lourdes Y. Echevarría, Pablo J. Venegas. Special Section: pages 1–4 (e113).
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  • On the distribution and conservation of two "Lost World" tepui summit endemic frogs, Stefania ginesi Rivero, 1968 and S. satelles Senñaris, Ayarzagüena, and Gorzula, 1997. Philippe J. R. Kok, Valerio G. Russo, Sebastian Ratz, Fabien Aubret. Special Section: pages 5–12 (e115).
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  • Monitoring a population of Cruziohyla craspedopus (Funkhouser, 1957) using an artificial breeding habitat. Clare Turrell, Brian Crnobrna, Marnie Smith-Bessen. General Section: pages 1–6 (e112).
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  • Epidemiological surveillance and amphibian assemblage status at the Estación Experimental de San Lorenzo, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. Luis Alberto Rueda-Solano, Sandra V. Flechas, María Galvis-Aparicio, Andres A. Rocha-Usuga, Edgar Javier Rincón Barón, Borish Cuadrado-Peña, Rebeca Franke-Ante. General Section: pages 7–19 (e114).
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  • Tadpoles, froglets, and conservation: A discussion of basic principles of rearing and release procedures. Joseph R. Mendelson III, Ronald Altig. General Section: pages 20–27 (e116).
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Angola and Africa (No. 19) | Volume 10, Number 2

ARC Angola and Africa Issue Cover