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A peer-reviewed, open-access, herpetology journal dedicated to conservation

2020 Impact Factor: 1.322

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Issue 1 (No. 29) | Volume 15, Number 1

ARC 29 Issue 1

  • Cover Page.
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  • Two new species of Eleutherodactylus (Anura:Eleutherodactylidae) from Southern Mexico, with comments on the taxonomy of related species and their advertisement calls. Christoph I. Grünwald, Jacobo Reyes-Velasco, Héctor Franz-Chávez, Karen I. Morales-Flores, Ivan T. Ahumada-Carrillo, Christopher M. Rodriguez, Jason M. Jones. Taxonomy Section: pages 1–35 (e272).
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  • A new species of the genus Gekko Laurenti, 1768 (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from the Nicobar Archipelago, with an overview of congeners from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. S.R. Chandramouli, G. Gokulakrishnan, C. Sivaperuman, L. Lee Grismer. Taxonomy Section: pages 108–125 (e276).
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  • The distribution and conservation status of the Dwarf Marsupial Frog (Flectonotus fitzgeraldi, Anura, Hemiphractidae) in Trinidad, Tobago, and Venezuela. Joanna Smith, Michael J. Jowers, Renoir J. Auguste, Paul Hoskisson, Cammy Beyts, Greig M. Muir, Mark S. Greener, Dan Thornham, Isabel Byrne, Rick Lehtinen, Meredith Eyre, Michael G. Rutherford, John C. Murphy, Mayke De Freitas, Gilson A. Rivas, J. Roger Downie. General Section: pages 36–56 (e273).
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  • Can artificial retreat sites help frogs recover after severe habitat devastation? Insights on the use of “coqui houses” after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Patricia A. Burrowes, Ábner D. Hernández-Figueroa, Gustavo D. Acevedo, Junángel Alemán-Ríos, Ana V. Longo. General Section: pages 57–70 (e274).
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  • Amphibian diversity of a West African biodiversity hotspot: an assessment and commented checklist of the batrachofauna of the Ivorian part of the Nimba Mountains. Kouassi Philippe Kanga, N’Goran Germain Kouamé, Parfait Zogbassé, Basseu Aude-Inès Gongomin, Konan Laurent Agoh, Akoua Michèle Kouamé, Jean Christophe B.Y.N. Konan, Abouo Béatrice Adepo-Gourène, Germain Gourène, Mark-Oliver Rödel. General Section: pages 71–107 (e275).
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  • Issue 2 (No. 30) | Volume 15, Number 2

    ARC 30 Issue 2