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Amphibian & Reptile Conservation (ARC) published a new Caecillian species, October 16th 2001, from northeast India. Since 2011, ARC has become an important, high impact, scientific journal describing new species of amphibians and reptiles and contributing to the documentation of the Earth’s biodiversity.

Ichthyophis benjii sp. nov.
Fig 1. Holotype (MZMU 1479) of Ichthyophis benjii sp. nov. in life from Durtlang. Photo by H.T. Lalremsanga.

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Polychrus marmoratus

Photograph: Common Monkey Lizard (Polychrus marmoratus).
Permission kindly granted by Ryan L. Lynch/The Biodiversity Group.




    ARC 31 Issue 1

    ARC 32 Issue 2


Environmental heterogeneity causes differences in the amphibian assemblage structure of an undisturbed montane cloud forest in southern Mexico

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Amphibians of Kokolopori: an introduction to the amphibian fauna of the Central Congolian Lowland Forests, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Temperature-based activity estimation accurately predicts surface activity, but not microhabitat use, in the Endangered heliothermic lizard Gambelia sila

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Thermal ecology of the Pygmy Alligator Lizard, Gerrhonotus parvus Knight and Scudday, 1985 (Squamata: Anguidae), in Nuevo Léon, Mexico

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